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Landlord Tenant Form

These are a set of forms which must be filled up when needed. These forms are official measures to help both the landlord and the tenant in disputes. The entire list of landlord tenant form is given below:

Form 1: is a notice from landlord to tenant for termination of tenancy due to failure to pay rent.

Form 2: is a notice from landlord to tenant for termination of tenancy for reasons like letting unauthorized pets, unauthorized guests, or unauthorized vehicles; parking in an improper way or; not maintaining the premises cleanly, or other activities not permitted by the lease.

Form 3: is a notice from tenant to landlord for termination of tenancy because the landlord does not maintain the premises.

Form 4: is a notice from tenant to landlord about retaining rent due to failure on part of the landlord to maintain the property.

Form 5: is a complaint for landlord to evict tenant for failure to pay rent.

Form 6: is a complaint for eviction and damages

Form 7: is a complaint for landlord to evict the tenant for other reasons.

Form 8: is a summons for stating eviction

Form 9: is a summons for claim of breakages made and things spoilt.

Form 10: is a motion for clerk's default

Form 11: is for a default final judgment which can be got from the Judge managing the case, on the basis of the clerk's default,

Form 12: is a motion for default final judgment on damages

Form 13: is an affidavit of damages

Form 14: is a nonmilitary affidavit

Form 15: is the final judgment on eviction of the tenant

Form 16: is the final judgment on the damages

Form 17: is a writ of possession. This document should be given to the clerk of the court after the court enters the final judgment evicting the tenant. After the clerk signs this writ, it must be delivered to the sheriff to be put into action upon the tenant and, if needed, to evict the tenant using force.

Form 18: is regarding satisfaction of judgment

Form 19: is a notice of dismissal

Form 20: is a notice of intention to compel a claim on security deposit. A landlord is required to refund a tenant's security deposit within 30 days after the tenant vacates the leased property.

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