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Tenant Screening Products & Pricing

Products            Cost            Turnaround
Credit Report   $14.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
Eviction Report   $6.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
Prior Address Locator Service (PALS)   $4.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
SSN Identification   $4.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
TeleCheck   $4.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
Applicant Fraud Detection   $4.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
Instant National Criminal Report   $19.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)
Instant State Criminal Report   $9.95   Instant (5-15 Seconds)


Credit Reports (Instant) - $14.95

Receive an easy-to-read formatted credit-report in less than 15 seconds! Our credit reports provide detailed information about payment patterns, payment records, creditor information, collection accounts, judgments, public records, fraud detection and social security number verification.

Evictions/Landlord Court Records (Instant) - $6.95 Our eviction data shows judgments, skips, property damage, possession judgments, and contact information on landlord. This search is enhanced by cross referencing data provided by the creditor reports using our proprietary C.R.S program.

Statewide Criminal Searches (Instant) - $9.95

This search is an instant search that is statewide with over 30 states available. It searches a database of convicted criminals and a national sex offender search. Most states have Felony and Misdemeanor records and other states have only Felony. A few states also include county records and driving records.

National Criminal Search (Instant) - $19.95

This report instantly searches 38 states simultaneously for criminal activity including a national sex offender search.

Social Security Verification (Instant) - $4.95 This report instantly searches to see if the social security number is valid, who it belongs to, if the owner of the number is deceased, and if its associated with any fraud

Instant Prior Address Locator Service (PALS) - $4.95

This search will display up to the last 20 years of addresses where your applicant has lived - allowing you to discover additional information that may require research on the applicantÂ’s background (i.e. other states of residence that should be checked for criminal records).

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1031 Exchange
- Basics of 1031 Exchanges
-What is a 1031 Delayed Exchange?
-Other money making strategies with 1031's
- Computing the "Real Gain" on a 1031 exchange
- 1033 -What's a 1033?
-Exchange Real Estate for Oil/Gas
Landlord Tenant Law
-Over 800 Eviction Attorneys listed in our Attorney Directory
-Deadlines for returning Security Deposit
-Lead Based Paint Regulations by state
-Tenants Rights to Notice Given before Entry
-Lease Termination Notice
-HUD/Section 8 Housing
-Fair Credit Reporting Act
-State Laws prohibiting Landlord Retaliation
Discussion/Chat Rooms
-Landlord Problems & Issues
-Landlord Tenant Law Forum
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Landlord Management Course
Learn the insider Secrets to Successfully Managing your Property!
The Program that has helped 1,000's of Landlords cut cost and protect their investment and themselves PLUS put more money back in their pocket.!
Get yours before they sell out..
Landlord Basics
  • - Agreements
  • - Landlord Responsibilities
  • - Landlord Rights
  • - Avoiding Housing Mistakes
  • - Things you should know
  • - Fair Housing
  • - Advertising Vacancies
  • - Insurance
  • - Collecting Rent
  • - State Landlord Associations
  • - FAQ
  • - Glossary
  • - Forms
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  • - Cost Saving maintenance procedures
  • - How to enter a rental unit
  • - Maintenance procedures
  • - Emergency operating procedures
  • - Emergency on-call schedule
  • - Work orders for emergency work
  • - Planning & Scheduling
  • - Maintenance log notebook
  • - Water heaters
  • - Forced air heaters & Wall mounted A/C
  • - Maintenance records
  • - Equipment/Appliance Service records
  • - Maintenance Request & work orders
  • - Property inspections
  • - Prepartaion of vacant rental
  • - Pest control
  • - Pool and Spa
  • - Independent Contractors & Outside vendors
Contractors Tips &Tricks
  • - 10 Tips for hiring a contractor
  • - 10 Reasons for extra cost with your construction project
  • - 10 Questions to ask references
  • - 10 Questions to ask when interviewing a contractor
  • - 10 Tips for preventing a dispute with your contractor
  • - 10 Warning signs you must be aware of before you sign a contract
  • - 10 Things that every construction contract should include
  • - 10 Tips to find a contractor
  • - Check contractor license status here (all 50 states)
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...I had never done a 1031 exchange before but landlord411 gave me more than enough information to convince me this was great investment strategy for me.
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